Midwest Magpie was established in 2015 by writer and beauty product hoarder, Kristin Kane. Like the magpie, she collects all things shiny and pretty to make her face, home and lifestyle a little more lovely. Currently a resident of the Midwest, she shares her home and heart with her adopted cat, Chrysanthemum or "Mum". Kristin is passionate about animals & living a vegetarian lifestyle and hopes to one day give Mum an adopted brother or sister in the form of a pitbull, greyhound or German shepherd/husky mix (or whichever animal Mum thinks fits best into their little family).

Among her many collections are makeup, perfume, vintage family photos, books & heirloom jewelry from beloved family members. For peeks into those collections or for Kristin's musings and mumblings on beauty, fashion, interior design, etc., be sure to tuck this blog away for safe keeping.