Cabin in the northwoods

It's been awfully quiet around these parts for almost a year. Honestly, life happened and Midwest Magpie had to be put on hold for a little while. But I'm back and hopeful that this new season of MM will be far less infrequent.

A lot of wonderful things have happened in the last nine months. I've turned 27 and taken on a new role at work. My little sister got married in our beloved Narragansett, Rhode Island. Friends got engaged and others welcomed babies. It's been busy. Throughout these changes, though, I've given myself slower, peaceful moments in order to maintain some balance - something I've notoriously neglected in the past.

A few weekends ago, I joined some friends and their little one at their dreamy cabin up north. The space was inspiring and filled with family memories, many of which reminded me of my own. The afternoons were hot, but in the early morning hours autumn was making a cameo. It's in this seasonal transition that I feel excited and creative again. I'm gripping onto that with all my might to prevent another nine months from passing me and MM by. However, I feel like I've learned to give myself space to be as quiet as I like when I need it.

To see what else I've been up to, take a scroll through my Instagram. It's been much livelier over there this last year.

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